In December I attended the first ever RE/MAX team event. It was an awesome experience and I learned so much to make me a better team leader and to help you, my clients, even more. See the press release for more information.

December 8, 2015 LAS VEGAS – Over 500 RE/MAX Affiliates from across North America are gathering at the Mirage Hotel and Casino for the Ultimate RE/MAX Teams Event designed to support team development. Attendees are hearing from top industry coaches and sharing best practices to elevate their team strategies to the next level.
“Many agents have found that when they join forces and share responsibilities they can provide a higher level of service to their clients,” said Amy Somerville, RE/MAX Vice President of Education and Training. “Teams need specific tools and systems to operate effectively and we’re placing a sharp focus on those practices and structures that will help a team be competitive in today’s marketplace.”
Agents, brokers and team leaders are gaining valuable perspectives on building competitive teams from respected industry coaches, including Tom Ferry, Judy LaDeur, Travis Robertson and David Scott. Ferry says he plans to describe three team models that can be adapted to any personal style and a lead generation model designed to improve profitability.
In the opening session, attendees were welcomed by RE/MAX CEO and Co-Founder Dave Liniger who stated that teams offered good agents an opportunity to become better through more efficient use of their time.
Recognizing that agent teams can play a significant role in assisting homebuyers and sellers, this is the second Las Vegas event RE/MAX has sponsored to specifically promote the development of productive teams.  A team structure allows agents to focus on the areas of their expertise while creating synergy with agents who have complementary strengths.
When agents combine their skills with those of other team members, they find they’re much more successful together than they would’ve been alone.  This ensures that their customers have a positive experience all the way through closing,” added Somerville.
The event began on Monday and will run through today.  It will cover a variety of team topics, including management systems, structure types, delegated roles and individual responsibilities.
In addition to team training, RE/MAX University (RU) provides courses on a diverse range of topics from professional designations to personal marketing.  RU has been honored with over 150 international film and video awards for innovation and creativity.  RU is a 24/7, on-demand education platform that includes over 1,000 training titles.